Courtesy of San Luis Obispo County

#californiacannabis – SLO County – “On September 13th, the Board of Supervisors approved changes to the County’s cannabis program, including approving a new required fee for licensed cannabis businesses operating in the unincorporated areas of the County. The new fee will take effect on October 14, 2022.

Every County cannabis business license will be required to pay a Cannabis Tax Compliance fee of $3,918 at the time of license issuance and each year at the time of license renewal. This fee is in addition to the required annual business license fee, which is currently $44 per new license and $34 per license renewal.

The Board also eliminated the previous California Cannabis Authority (CCA) fee. Cost recovery for the CCA is now included in the new Compliance fee. In addition to the CCA, the fee will fund a field audit program for cannabis businesses. This change in required fees is part of the Board’s direction to County departments that all costs of operating the cannabis program be recovered so that the cannabis program is not subsidized by the County General Fund and taxpayers.”

This sheriff is ridiculous!

#californiacannabis – “The El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office is publicly against any cannabis grow in the county, citing odor, setback, signage and security as issues.

Its recommendations included having hemp cultivation sites more than 1,500 feet from most public businesses, a robust security plan and residential setbacks of 800 feet minimum.

“It is our professional opinion that the pilot program will only allow for the cultivation of industrial hemp in select areas that are rural and have minimal impact on schools, public right of ways and neighboring parcels,” states a letter from the Sheriff’s Office to the Board of Supervisors. “As a result, the proposed pilot program will not adequately reflect the high risk of harmful and negative community impacts associated with loosely regulated industrial hemp cultivation.”