#hemp – “An Oregon State University study has found spent hemp biomass left over from CBD extraction – usually just treated as waste or plowed back into fields – is looking to be a good feed alternative for lambs.

Believed to be the first study evaluating the effects of feeding spent hemp biomass to livestock, the research involved feeding lambs different amounts of spent hemp biomass (10% and 20% of total feed). Then the hemp biomass was withheld for four weeks and the lambs assessed for carcass characteristics, meat quality and health parameters.

The researchers found the  nutritional quality of spent hemp biomass on par with alfalfa. Among other findings were feed intake being negatively affected by feeding 20% spent hemp biomass – but only in the short term. At the lower level of  10%, feed intake increased long-term but there were no effects on lamb weight.

The OSU researchers note while the livers of the animals were not affected, a decrease in the ability of the liver to extract or metabolize a drug was observed, which will require more research.”


#cannabispolitics – “In all five states where voters will decide marijuana measures this year, explicit recreational use is on the ballot. A similar measure was postponed in Oklahoma after the state government dragged its feet in verifying signatures, while a medical-use measure failed to make the ballot in Nebraska. Prospects are good for several of the measures going before voters: the Arkansas proposal enjoys 58 percent support, the Maryland measure has 59 percent support, and the Missouri proposal has 62 percent support. There’s apparently been no polling on the matter in North Dakota, while a July poll in South Dakota had the measure underwater with voters.”


#californiacannabis – “A cannabis company accusing a banking firm of failing to pay millions in state taxes on its behalf asked a California federal judge for sanctions and a default judgment, saying the CEO lied during a deposition and submitted falsified documents.

Pacific Banking Corp. CEO Justin Costello gave evasive testimony, flouted four court discovery orders, pretended he didn’t remember key transactions in the case, and submitted a doctored financial statement to the court, Cann Distributors Inc. told the court Friday in its request for sanctions….

Cann, which makes cannabis-infused sodas, sued Pacific in March 2020, accusing it of failing to make more than $2 million in tax payments to the state of California on its behalf, as well as failing to pay vendor invoices. A month later, the company secured an order blocking Pacific from touching the roughly $2.8 million Cann said it had deposited with the marijuana-friendly financial institution, a middleman between cannabis companies and traditional banks. The unpaid taxes have racked up $2 million in state penalties, Cann said in its Friday filing.”