#cannabisindustry – “Cannabis industry mergers and acquisitions take many shapes, sizes, and forms. The trends surrounding this M&A activity are heavily influenced by investor sentiment, new market development, domestic and global political reforms, external economic pressures, and high-profile failures. While numerous groups look to deploy capital toward exciting opportunities with tremendous upside, others simply look to stay afloat.

Much of this is dictated by management teams – their viability, industry intelligence, short- and medium-term strategic planning, lack of proficiency thereof, or the inability to follow Wayne Gretzky’s advice: “Skate to where the puck is going, not where it has been.” Instead of chasing what has already happened, cannabis industry operators must always try to stay a step ahead. In large part, due to the lack of real-time context in this decentralized and fragmented industry, management teams have difficulty understanding the context of where the puck is right now, let alone, where legitimate trends and opportunities are taking it.”


Courtesy of MJBiz Daily

#californiacannabis – “More than two dozen California cities and counties could establish new recreational marijuana markets through ballot measures in November, creating up to 250 retail licenses and countless other business opportunities for plant-touching and ancillary companies….

If cannabis tax ballot measures pass as expected in the state’s most populous counties:

Los Angeles County could approve as many as 25 stores.

Sacramento County could OK 10-20 marijuana stores.

San Diego County could license 20-40 retailers.

Those victories alone would add purchasing options for more than 15 million residents in the three combined counties…..

Other cities expected to have cannabis ballot measures include:

Dana Point.
Lake Forest.
Pacific Grove.