#californiacannabis – “On the Nov. 8 ballot there remains a city-sponsored cannabis initiative crafted to combat the now-withdrawn citizen’s initiative. City officials wanted to lay out their own parameters for local control over marijuana dispensaries. But now, it’s too late to withdraw the city’s initiative. City Council has no choice but to put its cannabis initiative in front of voters on Nov. 8….

The citizen’s initiative would have put a limit of two dispensaries in El Segundo. The city-sponsored initiative has no limit on the number of stores, but puts local control parameters in place such as a minimum store space of 1750 square-feet and ensuring there are stores only east of Pacific Coast Highway.”


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#californiacannabis – “Lompoc City Council discussed the cannabis use ordinance, regulation, and a potential moratorium or cap during Tuesday night’s meeting….

According to Malawy, there are currently 46 licensed cannabis shops in Lompoc and 16 license applications pending.

Some city staff discussed a permanent cap on opening shops in Lompoc. Malawy said it will take additional work to make it happen….

City Council decided to discuss further a potential moratorium for a cannabis license on September 20th.

The city attorney is expected to have a moratorium draft then.”


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#californiacannabis – “Looking ahead, state regulators must now transition nearly 8,300 provisional licensees into annual permit holders by January 2026.”


#californiacannabis – “Paso Robles city leaders put out a survey to gather feedback about the city’s cannabis regulations….

There are regulations in the City of Paso Robles that would have to be changed to allow recreational marijuana….

City manager Ty Lewis said this is purely public engagement and a forum for the community to provide public feedback. At a meeting Thursday, they will gather more public information about what’s important to them regarding retail cannabis sales.

You can find a link to the survey, here. It will remain open until September 5th.”