#californiacannabis – Humboldt County – “$12,182,400 of funding from the Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) will soon be available to Humboldt County cannabis cultivators. Administered by the Humboldt County Planning and Building Department, the funding will support projects to install water storage and conservation equipment as well as replacing generators with renewable energy systems.

Beginning Monday, August 22 cultivators may apply for up to $60,000 for water storage and conservation projects, and up to $30,000 for renewable energy projects. To submit an application or learn more about eligibility and ranking, please visit the Planning and Building Department’s Water Storage and Conservation Grant Program web page and Renewable Energy Grant Program web page.”


#cannabisindustry – “Interestingly, these interstate cannabis agreements would be between states. Not licensees. Licensees would still need to engage in contracts with each other for the actual import, export, and distribution of cannabis across state borders. The governor of California would be able to enter into these interstate agreements with governors from other states so long as:

The commercial cannabis activities are lawful and subject to licensure under the laws of the contracting state.

With respect to the interstate transportation of cannabis or cannabis products, the agreement prohibits both of the following:
(a) The transportation of cannabis and cannabis products by any means other than those authorized under both the laws of the contracting state and the regulations of the [California Department of Cannabis Control].
(b) The transportation of cannabis and cannabis products through the jurisdiction of a state, district, commonwealth, territory, or possession of the United States that does not authorize that transportation.”


#californiacannabis – Los Angeles County – “The county is still developing regulations for cannabis operations in unincorporated areas, with an ordinance expected to come before the Board of Supervisors next year. In the meantime, the board on Tuesday voted unanimously — with Supervisor Janice Hahn absent — to place a proposed tax measure on the Nov. 8 ballot.”


Courtesy of Clark Hill

#cannabisindustry – “The high hopes of the early Biden administration have given way to disappointment and plummeting equity values. Many wonder, what is taking Congress so long to pass a bill de-scheduling cannabis? Why can’t the federal government just legalize cannabis already?

While understandable, these industry frustrations fail to fully consider the upheaval that will result from federal legalization. While prohibition is a bane of the industry in many ways, it nonetheless is responsible for the very existence of the legal U.S. cannabis industry in its current form. Federal legalization therefore cannot be viewed as a flick of a switch that will automatically cure the ills of the cannabis business. Rather, federal legalization must be viewed as a seminal event that will fundamentally alter the U.S. cannabis business by introducing interstate commerce to an industry that is defined by the singular absence of it. If this shift is forced to take place without sufficient preparation, the result will be chaos for both the new national market as well as the existing state-by-state regime that it will ultimately replace.”