#cannabisindustry – ““There are, I think a couple different weaknesses or concerns that come up when looking at the policies that are being marketed and sold to cannabis related businesses,” Sampson said. “One is there still is not much variety in insurers who are willing to write the policies as perhaps you might see in other industries. Two is there still isn’t as much capacity or limits available. And then three, it really comes down to the terms, the conditions themselves, in particular, the policy exclusions.””


#californiacannabis – Sacramento – “The City of Sacramento Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) is offering rebates up to $4,000 per cannabis facility and premises.

According to the City of Sacramento, this allows for cannabis businesses to purchase new or upgrade existing security equipment to reinforce facilities and local compliance….

For more information on eligibility for rebates, the review process, and more you can visit the City of Sacramento’s website.”