#californiacannabis – “Due to the violation of the nursery license, approximately 22,000 cannabis plants associated with the nursery were eradicated. Approximately 15 pounds of untagged, packaged cannabis bud were seized and destroyed.”


#californiacannabis – ““Eliminating the cultivation tax is a huge improvement, but since the original budget announcement, more details have been released that suggest that the proposal would raise the excise tax to 19% by 2025,” Ross Gordon, policy director at the Humboldt County Growers Alliance (HCGA) and policy chair at the Origins Council, told the Outpost this week. “…The industry as a whole is struggling to compete with the illicit market, and a tax increase, even a delayed one, is only going to make us less competitive.”
If that provision stays, it would result in “a significant net tax increase on the industry and consumers,” even with the elimination of the cultivation tax, he said.”


#cannabispolitics – “From the Justice Department’s perspective, a “state-law order that compels third parties to directly subsidize petitioners’ possession of marijuana on a medical-use rationale” would amount to overriding legislative intent consistent with the CSA, it said.”


#californiacannabis – “In the Newsom administration’s proposal for the budget year starting in July, the governor called for removing the cannabis cultivation tax of $161 per pound of flower. Under the plan, the missing tax dollars would be made up by increasing the state’s cannabis excise tax from 15% to 19% after three years.”