#californiacannabis – “Commercial cannabis operators told the county they are frustrated with the current compliance inspection process because they experience frequent inconsistencies between inspection staff, explaining one inspector will call out a violation that another will not. The operators said there is a significant cost for them to obtain permits and complete construction required to cure violations.
The operators said they believe there is parity between them and traditional agriculture and the county’s approach to regulating both industries should be similar. Operators said they believe that the rigorous application of regulations to an emerging industry is affecting their ability to remain in business in Monterey County.”


#cannabispolitics – “U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) policies on drug testing truckers and other commercial drivers for marijuana are unnecessarily costing people their jobs and contributing to supply chain issues, a congressman said in a letter to the head of the department on Monday.
Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) cited DOT data showing that tens of thousands of drivers are being disqualified because of stringent drug screening policies around THC. He said that while nobody wants drivers impaired on the roads, there aren’t tests that can detect active impairment—so people are being penalized for using cannabis while off duty, days or weeks before they’re tested….
The congressman told Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg that his department “should rapidly reform requirements for testing drivers and returning them to service, as well as develop an accurate test for impairment.””