#californiacannabis – San Diego – “San Diego County voters will be asked to authorize a tax system for marijuana businesses in the unincorporated areas on the November ballot, after the Board of Supervisors this week approved a marijuana tax ordinance…
“We recommend that local tax rates be set to try to keep the cumulative rate at or below 30 percent,” he said. “The development of the program itself should be value neutral to the county. That leaves any revenue generated by the cannabis tax available for whatever spending priorities the board may choose: public safety, health and social services, roads and infrastructure, social equity issues or any other government services.””


#cannabisresearch – “Colin Nuckolls, a chemist out of Columbia University in New York, has an upcoming study that compares the genetics of indoor versus outdoor cannabis flower. What he’s found in that study, Nuckolls told me, “is that outdoor cannabis has a great number and quantity of terpenes than indoor in a comparison of genetically identical plants for two different strains.””