#californiacannabis – “Vertical integration was the name of the game when California launched its recreational marijuana market in 2018, as companies handled everything from cultivation to retail sales and home delivery.
Four years later, small and large operators across the state are unloading assets, shuttering business lines and letting coveted licenses expire in order to cut costs and narrow their focus in the world’s largest marijuana market.”


#californiacannabis – “Regulatory costs, high taxes, and local bans on retailers are the main factors impeding the transition to a legal market, according to a new report from Reason Foundation, the organization that publishes this website. The report, written by Geoff Lawrence, the foundation’s managing director of drug policy, focuses on the latter two issues. It recommends tax relief, which Lawrence shows would be compatible with continued growth in state marijuana revenue, and incentives aimed at encouraging local governments to allow retail sales.”


#californiacannabis – “Currently, cannabis companies in California face some of the steepest tax rates in the country. The 36-page report, titled “The Impact of California Cannabis Taxes on Participation within the Legal Market,” found that by removing some of that tax burden, licensed operators would be able to price their products more competitively with the unregulated marketplace, thus drawing in more customers and ultimately, more tax revenue for the state.”