#californiacannabis – “A proposal by Gov. Gavin Newsom would pay farmers to not plant crops, known as fallowing, this year as drought conditions worsen….
The area targeted is near two critical watersheds that emanate from the Sierra Nevada mountain range in Northern California.
The fallowing proposal aims to cut production of water-intensive crops such as rice, alfalfa and nuts.
Some advocates are upset cannabis hasn’t been placed on the list.
“It’s an unfortunate double standard that some farmers are deemed worthy of receiving this kind of support, but cannabis farmers, who are still fighting to have cultivating cannabis plants recognized as agriculture, are in a position where they have no ability to pause their operations and their tax burden without endangering their ability to remain in the licensed market,” said Michael Katz, executive director of the Mendocino Cannabis Alliance.”


Opinions? Let’s not point fingers but add thoughtful discussion around this topic……
#cannabisindustry – “Family farms argue that culture, legacy, environmental stewardship, and decades of sacrifice have earned them a lasting foothold in the industry. Corporate operators argue that scale, efficiency, and improved operations lead to economic growth and more affordable products. Ultimately it is consumers and the marketplace itself who will decide the fate of both groups.”