Just because it has become a tradition to tell this story on 4/20….
#californiacannabis – “One day, the Waldos met at 4:20 p.m. for a “safari” and smoked all the Panama Red and Acapulco Gold — marijuana strains popular at the time for their potency and energizing qualities — they could get their hands on. The mission of this particular safari was to find an abandoned patch of weed. The meeting time stuck, as did the weed choice and their constant soundtrack of New Riders of the Purple Sage, Grateful Dead and Santana. Eventually, “420” became a secret code for the Waldos whenever they wanted to smoke.”


#californiacannabis – ““Smoking cannabis was a coping mechanism”, said Culerton. “People were pretty stressed out and smoking weed made them feel better.”
In a classic supply-and-demand cycle, Koy said farmers grew more marijuana to meet increased demand, but ended up flooding the marketplace.
The piece per pound farmers receive for their cannabis for the week ending April 15 is down nearly 50 percent from the end of October 2020. That’s when rising prices hit their summit right before the fall harvest increased cannabis supply, shows data from Cannabis Benchmarks….
Cannabis Benchmarks said the price received by farmers for their cannabis not only hit the lowest levels since pot became legal in January 2018, but the lowest since 2015 when the firm began analyzing the pricing of the medical marijuana marketplace. The average $806 a pound California farmers received last week was down from $1,581 a pound at the end of October 2020. Outdoor growers, which predominate in places like Mendocino County and Humboldt County, known as the Emerald Triangle, did worse.”