This is EXACTLY why we partnered with a 30-year CEQA specialist and are offering services to help transition these licenses.
#californiacannabis – “In an attempt to transition to an annual licensure program, April 1st marked the beginning of the end for provisional cannabis licensure.  It also ushered in significant changes to renewal process for previously granted provisional licenses.  These modifications now require applicants seeking state cannabis licenses to comply with the California Environmental Quality Act (Pub. Res. Code §§ 21000 et seq.) (CEQA), a complex statewide policy of environmental protection fraught with potential traps for those unversed in the law.  This requirement alone carries the potential to create a much higher barrier to entrance into the cannabis market.”

#californiacannabis – “While CEQA compliance was always required in order for cannabis operators to obtain an annual license, the provisional license program allowed applicants to run operations while local governments and operators kicked the CEQA can down the road.  This oftentimes permitted operators to open their businesses without having to undergo confusing, pricey and time-consuming CEQA review.  With the sunsetting of the provisional license program, this luxury is eliminated.  There is no question that CEQA compliance will create much higher barriers of entrance into the cannabis market.  The Cannabis Trailer Bill also puts substantial pressure on local agencies to perform CEQA review and adopt/certify a CEQA-compliant environmental document in conjunction with its local cannabis ordinance.”