This is exactly why we have partnered with Piersante and Associates. Many jurisdictions have either passed the Authority to the state, requiring the operator to supply all documentation equivalent to the EIR, or produced inadequate EIR documents, putting some of the documents back onto the operator. Please get on top of this if you have a Provisional License!

#californiacannabis – “Recent legislation is now requiring that provisional license applications will only be issued until June 30, 2022, and after that a holder of a provisional license must show that efforts are being made to comply with CEQA but anyone seeking to obtain a new license beyond that date now must show full CEQA compliance before the license can be issued….

Under CEQA the governmental entity which is involved cannot grant the necessary permit without a required environmental-impact report (EIR)…..

If CEQA compliance is required, you should add the possible cost of compliance in your business plans and make sure, if you need to deal with CEQA, that you have appropriate consultants and counsel on board.”