El Dorado County – Recently the medical cannabis patients, of El Dorado County, were advised of the intent to amend the currently existing Ordinance 5000. This amendment could eliminate the 200/400/600 square foot cultivation allowance and replace it with an allowance of 6 plants per residence. There is a Planning Commission meeting scheduled for March 26, 2020, at 8:30am to discuss this issue. However, with the uncertainty we are currently living in, it is possible that government meetings will be closed to the public in the near future. Our office is recommending that you email your public comments to the Planning Commission, prior to the meeting, so that your voice is heard. The contact information, for the Planning Commission is as follows:

Jon Vegna – jvegna@edcgov.us

Gary Miller – gary.miller@edcgov.us

Jeff Hansen – jeff.hansen@edcgov.us

James Williams – james.williams@edcgov.us

Amanda Ross – aross@edcgov.us

Julie Saylor – Clerk of the Planning Commission


Our office is working on a position statement, which will be submitted to the Planning Commission. That position statement can be expected in the next few days and will be posted to my website.

Please share this information with everyone who will be impacted by the amendment to Ordinance 5000.